It’s finally happening!! We’re moving to the mountains!!!

It’s finally happening, y’all!

I got a job in North Carolina! I will be working at a college in Asheville; serving in the same capacity that I do my current college, working with veterans to secure their education benefits. I am so excited that I get to keep doing what I love and move to the mountains and start doing even more things I love!

So, now starts a whirlwind of chaos as we finish a few things in the house in Florida and put it on the market. Then, in less than three weeks I will move to start my new job. Which means I also have to find a place to live near my new office that allows pets… Not an easy task, especially from a distance. I also have to figure out the logistics of moving all our stuff since we aren’t moving at the same time. (Michael will stay behind until the house sells and/or he gets a job in North Carolina also.) The list goes on and on and on…

As soon as the house in Florida sells, it will be time to buy some land in North Carolina and start building our homestead! The next year (and probably the rest of my life) will be one wild ride and I am so excited!

I have talked to many other people who are interested in a similar path. I know when I was just beginning to think about going down this rabbit hole, I read SO many stories by other people who had done it before me. It helped me think the whole process through and really inspired me when I felt discouraged. I will share some of these books and blogs, as well as my personal experiences, on and the new Mountain Bound Facebook page. So, if you are interested in learning more about this lifestyle please follow Mountain Bound on Facebook and keep checking the website and see what it’s all about! I will do my best to post frequently about our progress, even during the chaos.

*happy dance* “We’re goin’ to the mountains… We’re goin’ to the mountains… We’re goin’ to the mountains…” *happy dance*

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