We Are Mountain Bound

Hello, people of the internet!

My name is Sarah and I am the new proud owner of MountainBound.org.

This project has been in the idea phase for years. I started a cooking blog years ago to get a feel for blogging but over time I decided I wanted to have a blog with a little more possibility. What do I mean by that? What is Mountain Bound going to be about? Well, I will tell you. But first, let me start with some background….

Bound: (adjective) Heading toward somewhere.
Mountain Bound: Heading to the mountains.

My partner and I currently live in South Florida but have been planning a move to the mountains of North Carolina for a few years now. We are at the point in the process that all we need is for one of us to secure employment and then I will put my house on the market and we will make the leap. Once we get up there, we will begin the process of purchasing land, building a home (or renovating an existing home), and growing a homestead. In the meantime we have been learning all we can about the homesteader lifestyle that we intend to live once we get up there, and we are putting into action all that we can now.

Bound: (noun) A leaping movement upward. (verb) Walk or run with leaping strides.
Mountain Bound: Huge (read: mountainous) leaps in knowledge, skill, character, health, etc.

The cooking blog I started was kind of a natural place to start for me because one of the first things I began learning was to cook from scratch. I have always enjoyed cooking. I grew up cooking with my mom regularly. After moving out of my parents house though, I became a consumer of mostly convenience foods. You know, the packaged stuff you add water too and it only takes 10 minutes and zero thought. After a few years of eating that way I began to realize that I was completely unhealthy. I had gained quite a bit of weight and I was sick all the time. So, I started making changes. Over the last few years I have honed my skills and now most of the meals I make are from scratch and healthy (or relatively healthy).

The next natural step was gardening. I took the stance that to cook truly “from scratch” I needed to grow/raise the food myself. Last year, we had our first garden and I loved going out into the yard to pick the ingredients for that day’s dinner. We don’t have a garden right now because our focus in the last 6 months has been on getting the house ready to sell. But, I can’t wait to have a HUGE mountain garden!

We desire to attain a certain level of self-sufficiency (I will write a post about self-sufficiency and what that means to us in the near future). We try to “DIY” everything that we can. For example, instead of hiring someone to replace the flooring in the house, we did it ourselves (with some help from our families). In this process, we learned another new skill, laying tile.

Bound: (adjective) tied, in bonds.
Mountain Bound: Tied to the mountains in spirit.

Why have we started this journey? In part, because we feel drawn to it; tied to it. We knew we wanted to move to somewhere we could start this new life we are building but we had the whole country (whole world) to consider. It didn’t take us long to settle on the mountains of Western North Carolina, for so many reasons. For the last couple years we have been going up there to visit and explore and every time we have to leave to come back “home” to Florida we don’t want to. And not just because we don’t want our vacation to be over. But because the mountains really feel like our home. We feel at peace there. We have already rooted our heartstrings in those mountains and we can’t wait to go home and really put down roots.

So, what will Mountain Bound be about? It will be about our journey. It will be about all the new things we learn. It will be about building a homestead, raising our own food, self-sufficiency, and anything and everything that is related to this journey. This may include tutorials for projects, recipes, stories about our experiences, and anything else I think people might be interested in seeing or being a part of. There is SO much to learn and do and I am so excited to be able to share it with you.

By now you have likely figured out why I chose the name Mountain Bound… Because we are Mountain Bound, in just about every way it can be meant.

I hope you will join us on our journey!

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