Bound: (adjective) Heading toward somewhere.

Mountain Bound: Heading to the mountains 

My partner and I moved to the mountains of western North Carolina a few years ago. We found a great place to start our homestead. The whole house needed to be redone but the land was wonderful. It has a great place for a garden, a year-round creek, several seasonal springs, gorgeous woodlands, open meadow…. it’s about 13 acres and it’s almost exactly what we were looking for. Over the last couple years we’ve been renovating the house and working on establishing our garden and installing other edible plants in the permaculture fashion.

Bound: (noun): A leaping movement upward. (verb) Walk or run with leaping strides.

Mountain Bound: Huge (read: mountainous) leaps in KNOWLEDGE, skills, character, health, etc.

We are working on gaining all the skills necessary to “homestead” and be “self-sufficient”. We both had some skills before starting off, but we’ve had to learn many things on our journey, so far. We will have to learn many more We desire to attain a certain level of self-sufficiency.

We try to “DIY” everything that we can. For example, instead of hiring someone to replace the flooring in the house, we did it ourselves (with some help from our families). In this process, we learned another new skill.

Bound: (adjective) tied, in bonds.

Mountain Bound: Tied to the mountains in spirit.

Why have we started this journey? In part, because we feel drawn to it; tied to it. We knew we wanted to live somewhere we could start this new life we are building but we had the whole country (whole world) to consider. It didn’t take us long to settle on the mountains of Western North Carolina, for so many reasons. For several years we would visit and explore and every time we have to leave to come back “home” to Florida we don’t want to. And not just because we don’t want our vacation to be over. But because the mountains really feel like our home. We feel at peace here. First, we rooted our heartstrings in these mountains and now we put down our real roots.

So, what will Mountain Bound be about? It will be about our journey. It will be about all the new things we learn. It will be about building a homestead, raising our own food, self-sufficiency, and anything and everything that is related to this journey. This may include tutorials for projects, recipes, stories about our experiences, and anything else we think people might be interested in seeing or being a part of. There is SO much to learn and do and I am so excited to be able to share it with you.

By now you have likely figured out why I chose the name Mountain Bound… Because we are Mountain Bound, in just about every way it can be meant. I hope you will join us on our journey!