We’re starting a homestead in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina. Learning new skills and sharing them with you as we do. The goal is self-sufficiency so we’re constantly striving to be able to do what’s necessary to make that happen.

We’re learning about foraging, “DIY” home renovation, gardening, herbal medicine, bee keeping, and anything else that we feel would make us more self-sufficient.

We hope you will join our journey and learn along with us!



Recent Posts


COVID-19 Update

I feel like an update to my previous post about preparedness is necessary… Anyone even remotely aware of their surroundings knows that we are in the midst of a global pandemic. To be honest, I was specifically avoiding preparing for a pandemic because I hated thinking about it. This was my wake-up call. Luckily, as […]


 Getting To Know The More-Than-Human World 

A couple of generations ago useful plant and mushroom knowledge was something that nearly everyone had. These days it’s rare. I read recently that people now can identify more company logos than they can plant and/or animal species. More specifically, the assertion was that children could identify thousands of company logos but fewer than a […]


Prepare for the worst; hope for the best.

That’s basically my life motto, well, one of them. Bad things happen. All you can do is try to be prepared for them when they do happen. There are those out there who make fun of people who prepare. We are called crazy, paranoid, pessimistic, and a host of other unfavorable adjectives. I actually used […]


Useful Plants

As promised, we are going to talk about some of the plants we learned about from Becky Beyer, of bloodandspicebush.com . I first met Becky at an edible plant walk she led at my work that I got to do as “professional development” (how neat is that!). After that one hour walk I knew we […]



 TRIGGER WARNING: If you don’t want to hear about death, and the circle of life, you might want to skip this one. This post also presupposes that humans eat meat. If you will be upset by the idea that we are meat eaters and not morally opposed to killing for the purpose of eating, again, […]


We got our HOMESTEAD!!!

For those of you following closely this is not new information… I simply haven’t had time to write a blog post until now.   We closed on our property last Wednesday and it is been a wild ride. There were a number of bumps in the road (isn’t there always when dealing with real estate?) […]